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Bitly is a free service with which you can shorten long URLs. The company is based in New York and was founded by Peter Stern in 2008.

Basic information about

With 46% utilization, the URL shortening bit is currently the market leader in this space and recently overtook its competitor The Twitter post took credit for the rise that was now the default service for shortening long web addresses. At the same time, Twitter is the central context for the appearance of URL shorteners, since a tweet cannot exceed 280 characters. Every character counts and every character in a URL counts too. Google+ profiles are sometimes characterized by long trails of numbers and can be shortened with a URL shortener. uses secure algorithms to transform an extended hyperlink into a short hyperlink. Based primarily on the hash codes, a short hyperlink is created that is clearly URI-referenced to the respective web identifier. The long hyperlink is reduced to a short hyperlink, so the URL is an intermediate step that maps to the director in a single URL. Clients can only see the short hyperlink, but not the URI.

The capabilities of

Hyperlinks can be shortened without registering with, but they will only be available for a certain period of time and click statistics will not be provided. Because of this fact, if you want to be taught more about consumer behavior, it's better to sign up than shorten a hyperlink. Once you have outlined a bit outline, you can shorten the main hyperlink. Just copy the URL, put it in the search field of the website and click "shorten". A much shorter URL will then be displayed, which can be copied and used with a single click on "copy".

Its operation is comparatively simple. saves the entered hyperlink and links it to a newly created short hyperlink. By clicking on the short hyperlink, you will now be redirected to the registered web handle. counts clicks and displays search statistics on demand. However, as already mentioned, these are only available if you have registered beforehand. also features the flexibility of entering spoken URLs. The hash code at the end of a URL can be chosen freely. You must use letters and numbers.

Recently, different options have been launched, such as the "bitmark" bookmarking service and an iPhone application. and web optimization (SEO)

The use of is not recommended in all cases, as shortened hyperlinks are initially directed to a server and from there to the precise web identifier. Unlike clients, a crawler does not reach the touchdown web page, but rather the servers. And the clients are diverted to go to the URL that was abbreviated by Within the realm of web optimization, such redirects should be handled with caution, as some of the hyperlink juice from unique hyperlinks might also be misplaced. However, Google claims that using short URL hyperlink providers doesn't waste much linking power. It is essential to determine whether a selected hyperlink should be tracked and listed or whether a selected hyperlink is worth shortening in particular instances of people.

Bitly Launches New Bookmarking, Profile Creation, Search, and iPhone App Options
Bitly's hyperlink shortener right now released a serious overhaul and many new options adding up to what the company itself calls "a new Bitly." These new options incorporate ``bit flags'', Bitly's title for its new bookmark options, the flexibility to search and discover these bookmarks, a quick search feature, plus improved public profiles that present customers with more privacy management. Bitly may also release new bookmarks, a Chrome extension, and its first iPhone app.

Since its launch in 2008, Bitly has been an essential part of the social sharing ecosystem on social networks that resemble Twitter and Facebook. Bitly's current retail customers hover around 100 million hyperlinks per day and the company tells us that over 25 billion Bitly hyperlinks have been created so far. The company receives about 300 million clicks on its hyperlinks daily, or about 1% of all

Web clicks.
The goal of the launch at this time is clearly to offer its customers additional therapeutic options. New "bit marks" make it easy for you to go back and see the hyperlinks you've shared on Facebook and Twitter. 

after all, you can also manage these hyperlinks in packages, a feature that the company launched in 2010. With this release, Bitly has also made the organization of these packages more collaborative and now makes it more obvious "you could invite" people to collaborate.

Bitly now has a community view that allows you to see the hyperlinks that your friends share publicly on Twitter and Facebook.

Bitly notes that this update is intended to make providers "one of the best places to save lots and share your hyperlinks and discover the issues that are bringing your friends' attention and the whole Internet."

From now on, builders can also use Bitly's open API to add these "bitmap options" to their purposes.

Here is the total Bitly update checklist:
Simply save, share and discover hyperlinks; are known as bit marks.
Immediately search for your saved bitmarks.
Organize teams of bit brands into packs and collaborate on packs with friends.
Make any bit or packet model non-public or public.
See what your friends are sharing on various social networks, multi-function place.
Save and share hyperlinks wherever you are with our new bitmarklet, Chrome extension, and iPhone app.

Published on: 11/2/22, 11:28 AM