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Do you want to know more about url shorteners and how to make money just by shortening a url?

url shortening guide

πŸ“Complete guide to URL shortening

In this definitive guide you will learn how, when and why you should use a URL shortener. You will learn how to use a URL shortener to increase your profit, transform a long URL into the URL you want, and also measure the performance of your shortened URL. You will also learn how to make the difference between a free URL and a free URL to earn money on the Internet, the ways and tricks to get maximum benefits from shorteners.

First of all, we need to clarify that a url shortener is equivalent to a link shortener, link shortener, connection shortener, url shortener, url condenser, url builder and all methods users to say something similar. So, to keep the term basic, we'll stick with the more familiar term, URL shortener.

​So, let's start at the beginning:

What is a URL

A URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and was instituted in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee, known as the creator of the World Wide Web, a pretty huge specialty he would claim. Tim Berners-Lee had huge dreams about the WWW and it's fascinating to watch and contrast with what's happening today.

Keeping it basic, however, a URL is essentially a web address. In any case, it has also turned out to be a standout among our most profitable web-based trading instruments. The URLs along these lines have an important task to perform in this advanced story. They are the connectors of the web. The instrument we use to speak on the web. URLs have come a long way since their inception more than 20 years ago.

URL meaning

Definition: Uniform Resource Locator (URL) ​

A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) means the address of a resource on the Internet. A URL indicates the location of a resource, as well as the protocol used to access this resource.

A URL typically contains the following information:

  • Contains a protocol used to access the resource.

  • Contains the location of the server. The server location can be the IP address or the domain name.

  • The location of a resource in the server's directory structure.

  • A fragment identifier and a port number on the server which is normally optional.

How is a web page URL rendered?

URLs are presented in the following form:

  • Protocol name.

  • A colon and two slashes.

  • Server location.

  • As optional, it can contain the port, the location of the resource and the identifier of the fragment.

The protocols you can find are HTTP and HTTPS, which any WWW user will easily recognize. The server location is usually the domain name. Therefore, the following URLs are much simpler to understand:


URL example


Both URLs indicate that there is a file called default.htm on a server with the address "". One uses regular HTTP, while the other uses a secure HTTPS version of this scheme.

A brief history of the URL

There are several different ways of understanding the Internet. With the creation of the ARPANET in 1969, mail, files, and chat functioned over this network long before the creation of the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

In 1992 Tim Berners-Lee created the HTTP and HTTPS protocols and the URL that we now consider the Internet.

Okay, definitely not all urls were this long, I'm just underlining that if they were ever okay, no one would have considered it. However, at this point, if you take a look at a long URL, you will understand why URL shorteners appeared.


URL shorteners have evolved from just a URL shortening device, to a vital tracking device used to refine advertising activities and drive brand development.

βœ‚οΈWhat is a URL shortener


A URL shortener is basically a website where you create a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or a short web page address so that you can use the short form, which is easier. easy to remember and enter. For example, in the event that you have to enter the URL in email messages or read it on the phone as often as possible, a long URL tends to misspell or mislead. By going to the administration of a free web page like for example, you can exchange your long URL for a short one. URL shortening management will maintain the relationship between the two and redirect anyone who enters the short URL to the page with the long URL.



When you need to share a URL on the Internet in any social network, blogs or forums, the importance is vital in the way that the url is not excessively long and in knowing the number of snapshots that the URL gets in the community where it was shared. URL shorteners will help you with both and also offer you many different advantages, such as:

βœ”οΈ Offers measurements and statistics

You can get the tuning details and see all the statistics in real time when you shorten the URL: volume, topographic creation, most dynamic clients, etc. Irreplaceable information to know the viability of the connection you shared.

Most url shorteners allow you to track clicks so you can compare the effectiveness of each link.

βœ”οΈ Saves you characters

The characters, especially in social networks are completely significant. You keep a strategic distance from your links that take up a few lines by using URL shorteners. Also, you will have more space in your distributions where the use of characters is restricted, such as on Twitter. We know very well that Twitter does not allow more than 140 characters.

βœ”οΈ A shortener allows you to customize a URL

By changing the arbitrary letters and numbers produced by the call-to-action button tools to prompt customers to accomplish something, you can compose a phrase that represents the custom URL. It will offer more data to customers and look nicer with style.


βœ”οΈ You can schedule updates

When a URL is shortened, you can use it to plan your social media accounts at the best time, from similar devices used to shorten the URL.

βœ”οΈ Does not affect SEO


For an online business it is crucial to keep the power of SEO within your domain and not pass it on to the shortening domain. Therefore, when shortening a link, you should check if the shortened link has a 301 redirect. The good thing is that most URL shorteners use 301 redirection, so your SEO power is safe. .

βœ”οΈ Clean and short links

There is no doubt that people prefer to click on visually appealing links and even more so when the links are personalized. That's pretty much where the great power of URL shorteners comes in.


βœ‚οΈHow to shorten a URL


There are various administrations on the web that can help you shorten a URL of a particular website or some other location. Each of them is totally free.

The addresses offered by these shortener applications are made up of two sections: the administration space, the domain, and a unique key created by algorithms dependent on number frames. When you use the new short URL in the program, it reaches the administration that looks for an identity in its database and redirects you to the first URL.

For you to reduce the length of a URL that an application uses, basically look for these means:

Access the shortener service and paste the URL you need to shorten. The app will restore the URL to a shorter URL.

In case you are sharing a URL on Twitter, you are limited to 140 characters. Any URL you offer can quickly gobble up those characters and point to your genuine message. Posting a URL to Twitter isn't just posting a URL, it's telling people what to expect when they click. Whenever your URL is unambiguous, the longer it is, the harder it is to remember and it doesn't look very good either. By shortening it and especially in case you use an administration that allows you to choose a keyword for the short URL, you can fix this problem over and over again.

There are URL shortener tools that allow you to follow your group of viewers and see in real time how they use and share your URL.

Keyword URL shorteners

These shortening platforms not only allow you to shorten a URL, but also offer you the option of choosing a keyword to incorporate into the shortened URL. Our recommendations are: and


These administrations do not allow you to track their details, but you can use Google Analytics to track explicit customer behavior or referral data for the page you are connecting to. For an essential shortening without any odds and ends, you can use one of these administrations that we present to you below:

URL shorteners with analysis


These types of shorteners are for those who need to know who is clicking on their links or sharing their connections on the Internet. To benefit from all these statistics you should consider using a more useful asset like the ones below:

For example, Bitly allows you to track the short URLs you make with a detailed analytics page for each URL. You can decide what your top customers are, user area, real-time clicks, etc. is totally free. Although some people are left confused when their analytics and Google Analytics insights don't mesh. No two analytics projects ever demonstrate similar information. They all have several different interpretations of information.

The best example would be when you use to shorten a URL for Twitter. At this time Twitter will analyze the connection using bots or spiders. Your details incorporate those fake moves into your details. These are fake moves because it's usually not really real people viewing your content, but Twitter bots finding the URL. Google Analytics, for example, will not include these bots in its statistics.


You expect it to run your analytics program on your site just like Google Analytics and at that point it will track a host of similar metrics that Google Analytics tracks such as: top nations, weather average a user spends on your site, bounce rate and so on. Shortening a URL with helps you measure all the stats that are still running on your website. The details they provide are explicitly for their website. In the event that you share a connection with another website that is not running research, you will only have the option to track how often your link is clicked, not what people do once they come in to your website. offers both free and premium registrations, however, the free registration only allows you to shorten five URLs every day.


It is a prevalent device because, despite shortening URLs, it offers a set of devices for you to bring your presence to web-based life. With HootSuite you can do the following:


  • You can keep track of the details.

  • Set up the Twitter dashboard as what you could use to use with Tweetdeck.

  • Schedule tweets and tweet times.

  • You can deal with multiple Twitter accounts at the same time, etc.


What a font shortener can really do URL

URL shortening has made amazing progress since its inception in the year 2000. Here are a bunch of really cool things you can do with your URL shortener.


Also, shortening a url and sharing it on the internet is the easiest way to hide a link. Let's discover some of the main things you can do with a URL shortener:

URL masking

Clearly shortening a URL allows you to cover up the first web address. This is terrible on the one hand for us as customers, since it considers that spammers and programmers hide vindictive connections from us. Fortunately, with the safety locks highlights of Chrome and different browsers, we never need to focus on hiding the harmful URL again.


Legitimate URL coverage can be where you take a URL from a solid piece of content you want to share and strip it down to represent a key point in your message about it.cial.


Also, don't confuse URL veiling with URL shielding, which displays false data, most explicitly with web indexes, while redirecting people to an alternate URL that doesn't It has nothing to do with the content. This is a black hat SEO practice that can restrict your site from Google listing items. So try not to.

Shorten URLS


It's much easier to share a short, important URL than a long one, especially when those long URLs contain arbitrary numbers.

Which URL would you say is going to yell at a room full of people while giving a discussion? Short or long URL? What URL would you like to put into a discussion when sharing some new ideas?


At any point where you are sharing a URL in an open environment, you should use a web address shortening widget to allow the URL to be charming and to track the number of instant connections .

Create a tracking for your short URL

Tracking should be the primary motivation for shortening a URL. If you have an online business or a website that gets a lot of traffic, shortening a URL means getting all the important details about the shortened URL. This gives you an increasingly accurate idea of ​​genuine customers going to your site and the conversion rate. You can get a day-by-day breakdown, or even a geological one. Plus, there are hundreds of highlights worth looking at.

Regardless, basic URL tracking is important for all advertising efforts, whether you're an expert or inexperienced, for interest or ROI.

URL retargeting

Have you heard of retargeting yet?

Retargeting is the reason why you get hit with ads directly after you survey an article on your site. Retargeting is basically the demo of putting a little pixel, or a bit of code, on your site so that when people visit your site, you can offer them promotions later on. This really is crazy beneficial for advertisers and advertisers, and as often as possible we refer to it as the lowest organic product for any business. Currently, customers don't need to visit your site to be tagged with this pixel, they basically need to click on a retargeting URL.


Rotary URL

With the rotating URL you can split the traffic 50/50, or 75/25, or whatever, from inside the connection, and thus perform a direct hello page test . Currently this is not essential for promotion as you can simply run two ads and there are different tools that allow you to handle this on the page rather than within the URL, however there are some open doors for the analytics division of traffic for your links.

URL exchange


It's that simple, but the vast majority of URL shortening authorities don't give you the opportunity to do so. It makes a shortened URL and cross-offers it on 12 different systems.

This is a great case of how to use the URL exchange related to your Instagram bio, for example, so you can drive traffic to your most recent blog post without changing the site's interface. Instagram inevitably.


When you should shorten a URL

Use a URL shortener when you need to follow social or cross posting efforts. This is beneficial when a URL is sending traffic to your site, however, particularly when it definitely isn't.

You can shorten a URL by posting a URL across various places on the web. It's much easier to track and change a connection in one place, instead of searching for all the adaptations of it published in your watch channels and making the breaking changes. Furthermore, that is accepting that even those improvements can be implemented. You should also use short links in all social profile bios, for a similar reason.

When is it not recommended to shorten a URL?


It is not recommended to shorten URLs while connecting from one page of your own website to another. There are no additional tracking requirements here, as you should be able to see your results unambiguously in Google Analytics.


When sending an email or visiting message to colleagues. There is no compelling reason to shorten your URL. Your escort trusts you, so there's no compelling reason to stress that you don't click because of an out-of-control or lengthy URL.


How to choose the best URL shortener

The best URL shorteners out there have a range of several highlights. The question is: which one is the most suitable for you? Which highlights do you need and which ones don't really make a difference?


There is no shortage of organizations offering URL shorteners today, however they all have a marginally unique point, plan or list of capabilities. There are many open source modules, sites, and code bases that allow you to shorten a URL or use a 301 redirect to move customers and traffic, starting with one web address and then to the next. In any case, that's not what URL shorteners are all about.

Current URL shorteners focus on a couple of things like: URL tracking and parsing, implementing UTM parameters using a URL generator, retargeting, speed, uptime, reliability , etc.

How can we rate the best URL shorteners?

To rate each URL shortener, we thought the following factors would be important to users:


  • Highlights: Understanding what link shorteners offer you, especially what they offer for nothing.


  • Cost: Consider what you may have to pay, what paid contributions they have, and how they would compare to other URL shorteners.


  • Client base: It is important to consider how many clients they have and how stable they are as an organization.


  • Usability: Stream and structure, etc.


What should you consider to choose the perfect URL shortener?


You must choose an option that depends on the number of URLs and the amount of traffic you intend to create using the URL shortener, the length of your financial limit, the size of your group, and the reason why the one found.


For example, what are you using the URL shortener for? Is it for online life or for web-based promotion?


For the vast majority, a free URL shortener is all they need.

In case you're just using it to share a bunch of connections on your own social media channels, or running a small online business, then you'll never need a paid URL shortener.

Regardless, if you're a midsize or large business, or your entire organization revolves around digital marketing and the amount of incoming traffic, at that point you'll most likely look for a paid deal type, sooner or later.

How many daily URLs and referrals are you generating?

In the event that you have less than 2,500 URL clicks and only need 500 or fewer URLs per month, you can be sure that you will not pay for URL shortening services.

Why do you use the URL shortener?

A portion of these URL shorteners are basically organized to help set up UTM parameters and enable all of the most likely tracking interfaces in Google Analytics while others focus on helping you tailor your connections using interstitial promo embeds.

What's more, in case you're using your URL shortener for internet-based life, you'll need to use one that has web expansion, the ability to effectively dial and change your connections, and lots of additions with promotional instruments.

URL shorteners or branded links?

We've been talking about URL shorteners, however, consider that by simply shortening your link, you could also highlight your image name. A bookmarked URL, also called a vanity URL or a custom short URL, is basically the shorthand for the URL you're sharing on the web that works around your own image rather than the branding of the shortening device you're using. using.

Branded Connections has rethought the way link shorteners serve up your URL, turning every link into a teaser for your image. When you share posts with your image name, you're connecting your organization to the content you share, building brand awareness, expanding brand recognition, and expanding trust among your group of followers.

βœ”οΈAdvantages of URL shorteners

URL shortening pages essentially make hyperlinked content look more and more attractive. There are many URLs that sometimes take up a lot of space. Quite often these URLs are ugly strings of jagged letters and numbers, and they can be both funny and nasty with flair.

Either way, it's more than just aesthetics. Shortening a URL makes reading awareness smoother, especially through social media. Plus, they make it easier for your spectacular share content, since it is more uncertain that they will make a mistake when replicating through the links. However, there is no danger of losing your hard-earned SEO benefits. Tracking your narrowed URL should also be taken into account, and estimating the achievement of your promotional efforts is always essential. Basically, you can't improve focus on your group of viewers on the off chance that you have no idea how they react to your content.

The shortened URL works quite well with UTM (Urchin's Tracking Module) codes, which allow you to track cross-clicks through explicit campaigns, keeping the investigation from one stage (Twitter, Facebook, etc. .) separate from the others.

❌ Disadvantages of URL shorteners

There are a lot of advantages to using link shorteners, however, nothing is perfect.

First of all, shortened links can cause some hesitation when it comes to hiding a URL for the simple reason of so-called 'fake news'. This is not an innate problem with connection shortening in essence, however it can actually be destructive in any case.

Similarly, the nature of redirects presents numerous potential purposes of deception between a customer who hits the link and visits the ideal site. Occasionally, a shortened URL may send the client through two, three, or more redirects, and in case one falls short, it implies a client that could possibly go to a contender, a major problem.

Finally, many URL shorteners are using their own branding, weakening the notice of their own space and seemingly making their image last.



πŸ’²How to make money with URL shortenersπŸ’²< /span>

The best tricks

All things considered, nowadays you would think, if all they do is shorten a URL, how could you make money using it. Is it true?

The appropriate answer is direct: They include an advertising page in the middle to expose, when clicking on the shortened URL. You will then be redirected to an advertising page. The page will either have a clock on the top right hand side or a captcha confirmation. A customer must remain seated for two to three seconds (typically 5-6 seconds) and then an option to "skip promotion" or "go to link" will appear. Finally, the client can go to his ideal URL. You will get paid for each guest who clicks on your URL and views the promotion page.

Although, one part of the URL shortener makes it vital for the customer to visit the goals page to get paid. While some of them pay per visit, some pay when the customer reaches the final page. URL shortening is the least complex approach to making money online.

How URL shorteners work to make money

You just have to share links and earn money. It's as simple as it sounds.


Not all shorteners allow you to earn money. Therefore, at we have an exclusive category for free shorteners and free shorteners to make money online.


URL shorteners to make money have an advertising layer right between a shortened URL and a landing page, and this is how the cash becomes possibly the most important factor. Basically, this is how all URL shorteners work that pay you money to shorten your links.

Tools to earn money with URL shorteners


Most of these pages to earn money by shortening links offer different tools so that users can get maximum benefits, such as:


  • Site entry script


This is just the code that the shortener platform offers you to insert on your website or blog. Currently, at any time a visitor can reach your website. The visitor needs to see her advertising for two or three seconds. From that moment on, they can access the content of the site.

URL shortener generally pays around $5 per 1000 visits. Consequently, if your site has 3,000 visits per day. You can make $450 a month. Depending on the country, the payment rate can exceed 10 euros for every 1000 visits.

  • Site exit script


Exit content is where the guest needs to see the promotion when they leave your site. You should think about using this tool. It is a very good way to monetize the traffic of a website.

  • Full Page Script


The content of the entire page is completely amazing code. In case you want to take advantage of all the URLs of your site, you can use this tool.

Using this, the guest will see the shortened URL promotion page on every page. Currently, there is a possibility that you only need your customers to see the promotion of external connections. You can avoid your site URL on the settings page.

  • Mass / Multi URL


You definitely realize what this implies, but at the same time you may not have the best idea. This tool will help you shorten multiple URLs with one click.

  • Referrals


This is one of the most widely used tools today. The equivalent goes for managing URL shorteners. You can make money by alluding to your peers. Some of the URL shortener platforms even pay 25% of your referral revenue.

These are the most common tools and the best known ways to make money using URL shorteners. Be that as it may, there are more approaches to acquire cash through payment URL shortener. This depends on the administration you go with.


Below we will reveal the best tricks to shorten URLs and earn money.

How much money can be earned with shorteners


Actually, there is no fixed amount to say. Much of it depends on the ability of each person to share their links and, above all, the traffic these links generate.


Let's say that at the beginning of the month you shorten 100 links and share them on the Internet. If for 1 month these links that you have shared receive only 100 visits each, then at the end of the month you will earn between 50 and 100 euros. The more links you share and the more visits you receive on your links, the more money you make with URL shorteners.

How and when do shorteners pay?


Each URL shortener has a fixed date when they would pay. Some have daily payments, while others only send payments more than once a month.


The vast majority of URL shorteners use PayPal as their primary payment method. Despite the fact that there are different distinctive techniques for payments like Payza, Check, Bank Transfer, Payonner, Skrill and much more, we always recommend PayPal.

Can URL shorteners be used in conjunction with Google AdSense?


The appropriate answer is YES. You can use URL shortener together with Adsense.

Google Adsense allows it, however, at the same time, we cannot take on all the duties. In this regard, just use it on external connections and you'll be fine.

Is it safe to use URL shorteners to earn money?


At we offer up-to-date information on any platform to earn money using shorteners.

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Is it worth using URL shorteners to earn money?


Taking into account that it is the simplest way to earn money and does not require any type of investment, from our point of view, there is no doubt.


Try not to accept the URL shortener as a one-time payment. Think of URL shorteners as extra income. Keep your additional sources of everything you consider and make this an additional source of your salary or out of pocket. In this way, regardless of whether you benefit from URL shorteners or not, you will have a sure source of income.


In we offer the user the possibility of obtaining additional money with different safe ways to earn money on the Internet, totally free.


To make money from link shorteners, our recommendation for you would be a basic ad-supported URL shortener. You don't have to go extravagant. Think from the guest side and update the URL shortener from there. Also, make sure you don't disturb your guests. Imagine yourself in a similar situation, in case you visit a site and every connection you go to has a short URL. Will you visit the site or just leave?


Make sure your guests don't feel the equivalent. This way, you don't spam with short URLs.


πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨The best tricks and tips to make money with link shorteners

Shortening a URL is undoubtedly the easiest way to earn money on the Internet.

Next, we are going to show you the most common ways to make money with shorteners and the most effective ways and tricks.


Once you have shortened your URL on some paid shortener platform, take a look below and choose the perfect way to earn money from your short links.

Shorten URL on your blog or website

The best and longest approach to earn money through a URL shortener is to shorten the URLs on your site. This probably won't work for the general population that doesn't claim a site.


There are shortener tools with which you can pretty much convert all the links on your site and earn money from every click on your blog. As a result of putting the content, each of the URLs will be changed accordingly, at any point your site loads and every time your guest clicks on a URL on your site, you will be credited for their registration.


In case you don't want to change each one of your links, use one or several alternative links to shorten the essential URLs. Following the reduction, physically impersonate the connections you have shortened.

Shorten URL for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

This is the best and easiest strategy to acquire cash with shorteners so far. Millions of people search every day on social networks, especially Facebook.

Choose a leaning topic that your peers like, shorten the url of the site you'll interact with, and then post your shortened url on facebook or some social network. Every time your connection gets a click, your registration will be credited.

On the off chance that you have 800 followers, it's amazing that 500 of your followers jump in and 100 of them share it. Your shortened link will go all over Facebook.

In the event that your connection has 1000 clicks, you can earn up to $14, for example, you can earn $0.014 per click depending on the topographical area. Therefore, just by sharing a link a day on Facebook and other social networks, you can earn up to more than 10 euros a day.

Create a fan page to shorten URLs on Facebook


In case you want to earn money through Facebook with URL shorteners, we recommend you to create a fan page on a biased topic (for example: politics, education, movies, news of nearby languages , comedies, sports, etc.).

The topic you select should never fall short of drifting news. You can edit your profile picture and use different tools to edit the images of your posts, so that they appear more and more attractive to the eye. In case you start a page about football, do it like an expert and post topics every day. This will make people on Facebook like your page. Make your fan page bigger and bigger. At this time, start posting topics such as comments on previous match posts, comments on specific players and so on, upload physically attractive images and link them to different football sites.


Type the opening three lines of the article, type β€œread more”, then paste your shortened URL next to it. I'm sure 90% of fans will click to read more. Clickthrough rate is based on how attractive the image is.

In the case of a fan page about series and movies, post about the movie rating, the date of registration, the download of the collection, the connection of music download, the page of the film, the interviews of the actors, etc. This page will get a lot of fans in no time. Either way, be genuine, don't cheat or spam.

If you get more than 10,000 fans on your page, you could get up to 5,000 clicks a day. With 5,000 clicks per day, your earnings would be: up to $0.010 * 5,000 = $50 per day. Your monthly income will be up to $1,500.

Things to keep in mind if you want to shorten URLs on Facebook and other social networks


In case you have a fan page or a meeting, be competent. Try not to make more than 2 posts per day.

Having posts can disappoint fans. Try not to post too many shortened URLs. Your social media accounts can be hampered by spam.


Shorten a URL to share it in comments


On the off chance of commenting on any blog or site, leave your shortened link attached next to your comment.


Be educational and engaging. The content must be identified with the site you place and the interface. Always choose websites with great reviews before sharing a short URL. Contact the site administrator if necessary, as they can easily remove the comment if you wish.


In the event that you post a link effectively, you will earn lifetime earnings as long as the page remains in position. In most cases this move is called spam. You will get achievement only 1 out of 10 comments.

Use the forums to share your short link


Forums are a great way to get clicks on your links. Choose the forums with the most audience, sign up and start creating interesting posts. If you manage to get people's attention, you will get many clicks on your links

Upload your short URL on free ad pages

Another cool way to get clicks on your links is to sign up for different free ad pages, upload an ad and add your short URL. If people are interested in your ad, they will end up clicking on your link.

Send short URLs through apps


Use chat apps and send links to everyone you know. Use the WhatsApp app to send short links to all your contacts.


I think the WhatsApp app is better than the Facebook app (except for the fan page) as 100% of your message visitors will click on the WhatsApp app. On Facebook only accountable individuals will take advantage of the connection in the possibility that you post it to your record, as there will be some better posts than yours.

Your prosperity depends entirely on the quality of the landing site. The connection you send should make the individuals you meet and your peers look forward to day after day.

Similarly, you can post on Facebook about something and shorten the URL of the Facebook present and send it to Whatsapp meetings and colleagues in case you can't figure out the URL of a site day to day . Try not to send the links over and over again. Make sure you send only once and no more than twice a day.


Earn money with referrals


In case you feel like making money with shorteners is awesome, you can make even more money without doing anything.

Invite everyone to your peers using your referral connection. The URL shortener site will pay you a commission for each plugin your referral produces.


The level of the referral commission is based on the URL shortener you use. It could change from 5% to more than 25%.


For example: If your referral earns $10 per day, you will receive $2 referral commission if the shortener page offers 20% commission.

In the event that you invite 10 people, you can earn $20 per day depending on the execution of your referral. It's a really cool way to make money with shorteners.